Introducing the Glacier Pool Pro Swimming Pool Pump - Your Ultimate Pool Maintenance Solution!

The OP Pro Swimming Pool Pump is a high-performance and reliable pump designed to keep your pool water crystal clear and sparkling. Engineered with advanced technology and built to last, this pump ensures efficient circulation and filtration, providing you with a hassle-free swimming experience.

Upgrade your pool maintenance routine with the OP Pro Swimming Pool Pump and experience superior water circulation, filtration, and energy efficiency like never before. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier pool for you and your loved ones to relax and have fun in. Invest in quality, reliability, and unmatched performance with the OP Pro pump today!


  • Heavy-duty motor delivers proven performance and quiet operation

  • Twist-lock cord offers quick and easy electrical replacement

  • Ribbed basket design ensures easy flow for even heavy debris loads

  • Durable construction stands up to the rigors of above-ground pools

Technical Characteristic

Model Qmax (l/min) Hmax (m) V/Hz Power (P1) Amps Fitting Size (mm) Kg
OP050 195 7 220-240/50 0.37 0.50 1.9 50 9.3
OP075 255 10 220-240/50 0.55 0.75 2.7 50 9.5
OP100 340 12.5 220-240/50 0.75 1.0 3.8 50 9.7
OP150 390 17.5 220-240/50 1.1 1.5 5.8 50 10.9

Model Power (P1) kW Power (P1) HP Qmax (l/min) Hmax (m) V Packing Size (mm)
OP200 1.5 2.0 500 20 220 675X315X420
OP300 2.2 3.0 600 22 220 675X315X420
  • Robust and Efficient Motor: The OP Pro pump features a powerful motor that delivers optimal performance while consuming minimal energy. Its efficient design ensures maximum water flow, facilitating excellent filtration and circulation of your pool water.

  • Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to noisy pool pumps! The OP Pro is engineered with noise reduction technology, ensuring whisper-quiet operation. Enjoy a serene and peaceful pool environment without any disturbances.

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, the OP Pro pump boasts a sturdy and corrosion-resistant construction. Its high-quality materials ensure longevity and reliable performance, even in harsh pool environments.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Setting up the OP Pro is a breeze. With its user-friendly design, installation can be done quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, routine maintenance is simplified, thanks to its easily accessible components.

  • Versatile Performance: This pump is compatible with various pool types, including in-ground and above-ground pools. Its adjustable settings allow you to customize the water flow to meet your specific pool requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Energy-Efficient Operation: The OP Pro pump is designed to save energy and reduce operating costs. Its innovative features, such as a programmable timer and variable speed options, enable you to control and optimize power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

  • Enhanced Safety Features: Your safety is our top priority. The OP Pro pump includes safety mechanisms like a secure locking system, preventing accidents and ensuring worry-free operation.