Water Test Kit

Introducing the Complete Water Test Kit for Crystal-Clear Pool Perfection. Maintaining a safe and inviting swimming pool requires precision and accuracy when it comes to water chemistry.
Our Water Test Kit is your trusted companion in ensuring your pool water remains balanced and pristine.

  • Type - OTO-Phenol kits test for chlorine and pH. Orthotolidine OTO means a colourless reagent that reacts with chlorine or bromine to produce a series of yellow-to-orange colours which indicate the amount of chlorine or bromine in water.

  • It is very simple to use, and result comes in second. Its liquid formula makes testing quick and easy and saves you money by being refillable.

  • This test kit will make pool maintenance easier and more accurate, saving your time as well as ensuring your pool is operating at peak efficiency.

  • Easy to use, Accurate results & value for money

  • Ensure the water is neither toxic nor irritating to swimmers

  • Prevent the formation of undesirable smells or taste in the water.


  • Accurate Water Analysis

  • Easy-to-Use Testing Methods

  • Comprehensive Testing

  • Quick Results

  • Durable and Compact Design

  • Clear Visual Indicators