Potassium Alum

Introducing Potassium Alum Crystals Your Natural Pool Clarifier for a Pristine Swimming Experience.
Discover the power of Mother Nature in maintaining your pool's water clarity with Potassium Alum Crystals. These all-natural, eco-friendly crystals are the secret to keeping your pool water sparkling and inviting without resorting to harsh chemicals.

  • Potassium Alum Crystals are a natural pool clarifier derived from earth-friendly sources. They work by binding to impurities and particles in the water, causing them to settle to the bottom for easy removal.

  • Our Potassium Alum Crystals are a green alternative to traditional pool chemicals. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for both swimmers and the environment, making them an eco-conscious choice.

  • Using Potassium Alum Crystals is a breeze. Simply add the recommended amount directly to your pool water, and watch as they work their magic. No complicated mixing or specialized equipment required.

  • By enhancing water clarity naturally, Potassium Alum Crystals can help reduce the need for additional pool chemicals, saving you time and money on maintenance.


  • Natural Water Clarification

  • Crystal-Clear Results

  • Environmentally Conscious

  • Easy Application

  • Reduced Chemical Dependency