Leaf Skimmer

Introducing the Glacier Pool Elite Leaf Skimmer Your Essential Tool for Effortless Pool Maintenance.
Say goodbye to bothersome debris and hello to a pristine pool surface with our top-of-the-line Leaf Skimmer. Designed to tackle unwanted leaves, debris, and even pesky bugs, this indispensable tool ensures your pool remains inviting and clear. Whether you're a professional pool cleaner or a dedicated pool owner, our Leaf Skimmer is here to make your pool cleaning routine a breeze.

  • It is completely made in plastic with durable nylon net

  • NET FABRIC - Its fine mesh material can collect even small particles from pool water.

  • Light weight 500gm easy to handle

  • Fits all standard size poles of 1.25 inch diameter


  • Superior Debris Removal

  • Easy Attachment

  • Streamlined Design

  • Comfortable Grip

  • Multi-Season Functionality

  • Enhanced Aesthetics